Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goal, examining your current financial status and coming up with a strategy for a plan on how you can meet with your goal and map the gap.We will develop your personal financial plan after considering inflation, rate of return, average income growth etc. In the process we help you change your spending & saving habits and make you free from all financial worries.


  • Organized Finances
  • Improved And Predictable Cash Flows
  • Lower Personal Income Tax
  • Well Defined Financial Life Goal
  • Appropriately Insured And Reduced Insurance Cost
  • Improved Investment Performances
  • Lower Investment Risk
  • Lower Or Debt Free Life
  • Plan For The Retirement
  • Smooth & Cost Effective Estate Settlement

What you get

  • Net worth analysis
  • Budget & cash flow analysis
  • Personal finance ratio
  • Emergency fund planning
  • Life / Health / Disability Insurance Need Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Child Future / Other Financial Goal Planning
  • Loan / Debt Analysis
  • Investment Risk Profile Assessment
  • Exiting Investment Analysis
  • Exiting Insurance Policy Analysis
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Designing Investment Policy Statement
  • Monthly Portfolio Report
  • Quarterly Goal Wise Report
  • Annual Plan Renewal
  • Online Portfolio Access

What you Pay

  • Plan preparation charges will be Rs. 15,000/- annually.
  • Renewal Fee for Review & Monitoring will be Rs. 7500/-